The cloud-based company

Cloud Enablers is a company comprised of specialists with years of experience in software development, processes, tools, product development, technology management and digital innovation.

From the start, we have been partners with the world’s leading providers of cloud services, monitoring, logging and security. Our hallmark is to deliver solutions, based on modern technology, that exceed your expectations and strengthen your business operation. We help you turn your ideas into reality with custom solutions that match your needs.


A journey through innovation

Cloud Enablers was founded in 2014 on the belief that cloud services would dramatically change the way IT services are developed, produced and consumed.

The founders, Stefan Svensson and Patrik Lemner, have over 15 years of experience in senior positions at some of Sweden’s largest IT service companies in outsourcing, development and delivery of some of Sweden’s most used standard systems. The founders had, for several years, worked closely with leading cloud service providers and industry analysts and realized that development had reached a point where the majority of all applications and systems could be run in the cloud. Right from the start of Cloud Enablers, a close collaboration and partnership was established with Amazon Web Services, among others.

Early on, the realization came that when all parts of a system – from infrastructure to mobile clients – consist of code, it sets completely new demands on working methods, tools and competence. Developers need to understand all the layers of a system – from the underlying infrastructure to the user interface – and how those layers are interdependent.

The strategy was and is therefore, to recruit and continuously develop the specific skills required to be able to help customers achieve their business goals through smart and appropriate use of cloud services. Since the start of the company, this strategy and recruitment of hand-picked employees, with multifaceted backgrounds, has meant uninterrupted growth and profitability. Something that we got concrete proof of when we were appointed as a DI Gazelle 2020 and 2021 company.


Our team

Nicklas Hafner

CEO & Senior Advisor

Stefan Svensson

CTO & Senior Advisor

Anders Wallin

CFO & Senior Advisor

Mattias Jonasson

Senior Advisor

Patrik Lemner

Senior Advisor

Martin Ölund

Consultant Manager Örebro & Delivery Lead

David Enbom

Consultant Manager Göteborg

Markus Lidrot

Full-stack Developer

Ludwig Axborn

Full-stack Developer

Tomas Lindh

Senior Project Manager

Elisabet Johnsson

BA & Delivery Lead

Robin Hellström

Full-stack Developer

Casper Jaller

Full-stack Developer

Mikael Boggian

Full-stack Developer

Sixten Larsson

Full-stack Developer

Anastasia Danopoulou

Data Analyst

Christoffer Syldevik

Project Manager

Hannah Maltkvist

Full-stack Developer

Alexander Molnar

Full-stack Developer

Jimmy Andersson

Full-stack Developer & Data Analyst